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Teaching and training material to learn how use RSAT

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Welcome to RSAT Training material

The Regulatory Sequence Analysis Tools (RSAT) comprises modular computer programs specifically designed for the detection of regulatory signals in non-coding sequences. RSAT servers have been up and running since 1997. The project was initiated by Jacques van Helden, and is now pursued by the RSAT team.


A dedicated server for learning

To learn how to use RSAT, we recommend you to use the dedicated server

Although tutorials and protocols used to indicate other URLs (like, we now recommend to use

Where to start ?

Medina-Rivera A, Defrance M, Sand O, Herrmann C, Castro-Mondragon J, Delerce J, Jaeger S, Blanchet C, Vincens P, Caron C, Staines DM, Contreras-Moreira B, Artufel M, Charbonnier-Khamvongsa L, Hernandez C, Thieffry D, Thomas-Chollier M, van Helden J (2015) RSAT 2015: Regulatory Sequence Analysis Tools . Nucleic Acids Res. 2015 (Web Server issue) in press.

Hands-on Tutorials

Complete course on analysis of regulatory sequences

Which tool to choose ?

The home page of each RSAT server has a section to help finding the appropriate program, based on the type of data and question. Only main tasks are supported, as this is meant to new users.


Also check the map of the tools (version 2012):


Even more resources…

Contact and Questions

Check out the RSAT forum to see questions of users or to contact the RSAT team.